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1. Tournament for 1st place is a cash prize.   Example: 5 teams = $500,  10 teams = $1,000, 15 Teams = $1,500
2. Tournament is for D3, D4 and D5 or under.  No D1 or D2 players.  All Players must show ID from either driver license, Student ID, APPA or NPPA
3. Tournament will have Event prizes and Series prizes.  Series prizes have not been determined yet.
4.  Since field paint is a white fill only.  No white t-shirts can be used as a jersey.  At least your jersey must have at least 15% white in it.
We will use PSP rules for anything not covered by these rules, we encourage all players to read the PSP rule book. All games will be race to 2 match.

3 Man Modified PSP rules

Game Format: Center Flag
Game Time Length: 3 Man = 7 min time limit in race to 2 – 2 minute breaks with one 11/2 minute time out.

3 Man = Race to 2 match winner receives match point

If time expires we will being playing an overtime point. Once overtime time expires the match is over and you are only awarded the hangs, and live players earned during play.


Top 4 or 6 teams depending on the number of brackets from each division will advance to the finals. Finals will be a single round robin where 1st through 4th place will be determined by match wins . (In the event of a tie in match points, the winner will be determined by the following: 1) Who won head to head play, 2) Total flag hangs, 3) Opponent flag hangs and 4) Counted live players at the end of each point)


Do not knock over or climb on bunkers. No dead man walks. Teams have (90) seconds to take the field after being called. If all players are not present, team may play short or forfeit. Eliminated players are not permitted to talk (May yell HIT once).
Maximum Chrono Speed: 280 Feet per second

Max BPS – 12.5


Player is hit (Marked with paint), out of bounds, inappropriate language after warning, player signals elimination, dead man walks, faculty check out (with unobvious hit).


Hot Gun :
285 - 299 FPS = 1 game suspension no subs.
300-325 FPS = 2 game suspension no subs.  326+ FPS = 3 game suspension no subs

Uncapped Gun: Any Player Shooting Any Gun Above MAX BPS Will Receive An Automatic (2) Game Suspension no subs!

One For One:

Playing on (with obvious, not easily verifiable hit)*
Faculty check out (with obvious, not easily verifiable hit)*
Freight training, talking after eliminated, disobeying referee, not staying in dead box or leaving the field.

Two For One:

Playing on (with obvious hit)*
Faculty check out

Three For One:

Wiping or Continuing play (shooting, maneuvering, etc.) with the intent to alter game after referee has called player out and has been acknowledged

Players will be suspended 1-6 games depending on severity of offense per PSP guidelines for physical contact, verbal abuse, unsportsmanlike conduct or outbursts (verbal or throwing equipment)

Elimination of Last Player:
Any assessment of a 1 for 1, 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 penalty where there are not enough live players left on the field to serve the penalty, will result in the opposing team being awarded the pull and the hang.


In case of forfeiture, the team who has forfeited receives (0) points and the opposing team (as long as they have taken the field and are accounted for) receives game point. If a team drops out of an event after playing all games, that team will be stricken.

*Unobvious Hit = Hit in the pack
*Obvious Hit (not easily verifiable) = Not easily seen due to wearing a mask by player or player’s teammate
*Obvious = All Other Hits (Chest, back, leg, foot, marker, loader, arms, hands, etc.)

Division 2: Novice, All players no longer rookie who do not play nationals at D3 or Higher, that have not played open class as more than a guest for an event, or have not placed in the top 2 in season points. Or any open class player or team who has successfully petitioned to be reinstated as novice. Novice teams may have 1 open class player in 5 man and 1 in 3 man to help guide and develop the team.

Division 3: Rookie, Any player or team who has under 5 tournaments in experience (1 season), who have NEVER played above rookie. Rookie teams may have up to 2 novice players in 5 man and 1 in 3 man to help guide and develop the team.